sweet rolls for Mother's Day

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I was watching a cooking segment on TV where they made a basic sweet dough and spread a chocolate hazelnut spread over the rolled out dough and added chopped hazelnuts, chopped chocolate, and sliced bananas. They were rolled up and cut in a cinnamon roll fashion. My only question -- how do you think the bananas would hold up? I'm sure these rolls would be great if eaten right away after baking -- but I am wondering about the leftovers (if the bananas would get mushy and brown, etc).
Thanks for any input -- I rely on your advice since I bake as a hobby -- not a pro :)
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Unless the bananas are soaked in a lemon or orange acid they are going to turn brown... and baking them makes them mushy. If you really want that flavor combo I think I would chop my bananas instead of slicing them so they became more of a "paste" with the nutela. Or if you had a decent banana compound I'd skip the fresh fruit.

I change my mind...I think roasting the banana first would be a better way. After all the nutela is brown colored... the banana would blend in color wise, just mix the two together.

Also sweet rolls don't keep too long. If you use a potato based sweet dough they'll stay softer longer.
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the idea sounds fine. bake and eat the same day!
banana will brown while baking and if roasted may become tough so be careful to use ripe banana, not green or brown. yellow is groovy.
if you need to hold the baked product, cover and cool in the frig. re warm to consume later!
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