sweet potato salad for warmer months

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I was thinking of making a sweet potato salad with chopped red peppers,scallions,dijon,balsamic,cider vin,brown sugar and parsley. Do you think I'm missing something?? I was thinking of par boiling them and either grilling them or roasting. Any thoughts???
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I don't think you need the brown sugar. The potatoes will bring more than enough sweetness.

If you're going to roast or grill them anyway, why bother par boiling? Yeah, it can cut-down the roasting time. But it detracts from the texture and flavor as well, IMO.
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I agree with KYH cut out the sugar.In fact, i would do 50/50 with a floury potato too. Sweet potato, just IMO can be a bit overpowering. You can par boil the spuds and put them in to raost with the raw sweet potatoes which take much less time to cook.
your dressing sound lovely...sans sugar I take it you will be cutting the peppers really fine.
What will you be serving it with?   Sounds like a perfect accompanyment to a whole baked trout,or sea bass. Or great on it's own.
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