Sweet Potato Casserole

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So I really don't like the candied sweet potato standard issue. So, I thought this may work but have some quesitons.

I want to layer I am planning this:

Bottom layer - 1/4" or thinner mandolin sliced sweet potato's
Next Layer - Mixture of Marshmellow cream, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Ginger, cream, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, pepper, butter spats on top.

then just go until the top and put a butter crumb topping.

My questions, I dont want ti to be too dry or too watery does this recipe look ok? I think it makes sense just curious.

Also, should I boil the sweet potato's about 15 mins before slicing?


PS: I picture almsot like a lasagna look when sliced in half or more a multi layered dessert look....
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Over the years my mother's candies sweets recipe has fallen by the wayside as I've adapted a more unique take on the age old tradition.

I take sliced cooked sweet potatoes and layer them in a pan with the sauce I made. The sauce is made with butter and almond pie filling. I take the pie filling and blend it with the butter, layering some of the thick liquid over each layer of potatoes (usually 3 layers) and when finished I add crushed amaretti over the top to give it a crunchy topping.

As the oven is filled with upright roasted turkey that is my wife's specialty, I use the satellite oven, best know as the Weber gas grill with the center burner off. Hey, you have to use your ingenuity to make all this food in a small kitchen..

They don't come out runny or dry at all.

However, in relation to your recipe... melt the butter with the brown sugar and your other ingredients and make a syrup/sauce with it. You'll find it'll be easier to apply as you layer them up. And yes, par cook or fully cook the potatoes and chill them before you slice them. I just did mine and they're ready for tomorrow.

Good luck.. it sounds good!
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Thanks & that sounds great!

I guess something like 30-45 mins 350/375... until they are super soft & topping is brown. I may bake with foil accept last 20 mins or so to brown.
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