sweet pastries

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just common flour with different vegetables made these cute ,healthy and beautiful pastries !it is not very complicated but need a little more patience . what we use are pumpkins, carrots, red bean ...

feel so happy even they are  not what i made !  i am learning with my teacher !!/img/vbsmilies/smilies/peace.gifif you like make it with your kids ...

by the way , my great helper for these .

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@clairelv  awesome job...so cute I want to just pinch myself!

I am assuming (the steamer baskets gave them away) that you have made assorted dumplings.

Did you use the same dough for each or are some tinted with gel colorings?

Which filling is in each?


Forgot to ask.... did you learn this from an internet site and if so, which one?

Because you are right about wanting to learn these with my grandkids.


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