Sweet Corn Delicious or Not?

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Very delicious. But, not all sweet corn is the same. Climate, soil, rainfall and the type of sweet corn makes a difference. For instance, in hotter climates that have high humidity, such as Florida, some types of sweet corn do better than others. But, the high temperatures and hot sun require the corn to be hearty. That can mean corn that's a bit more waxy and/or starchy. But, that's not a rule.

Sweet corn that's grown in more temperate climates tends to be more delicate but, again, this's not a rule. The type of corn has a lot to do with it.

I've had sweet corn from every state in the country that grows it. But, I think the best sweet corn available is the sweet corn that's grown in New York State, believe it or not. Its one of the state's best kept secrets, IMO.

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I grew up in the midwest. My wife grew up in Phoenix. She wondered why I called it sweet corn instead of just corn like she and her family did. She did not know there was sweet corn that humans eat, feed corn that livestock ate, seed corn that ... well, you get the idea.

And yes, a fresh cob of sweet corn, lightly cooked, is very delicious! Simply boiled in a pot of salted water, grilled over charcoal either naked or in the husk, or both as I often do. I soak the unhusked ears in moderately salted water for an hour or two, throw on the grill until husks are nice and charred. This basically steams the corn. You can eat it then, or let it get cool enough enough to handle, shuck the husks and put the cob back over the charcoal to get some char going on the kernels. Great stuff!

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Not so delicious for me. It is very sweet and I don't have much of a sweet palate. I do like it paired with other flavours to contrast with the sweetness. There was something I made using sweet corn not long ago with Gochujang paste. I'll see if I can find the photos...
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