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So...what's it going to be for valentines day?
I am a simple romantic. Toblerone chocolate fondue and vintage port (I love the nougat)
Or maybe the 83 doisy ver daines with hearth made caramel drizzled over roast pears and melted Rougfort.What sexy wines are you planning on enjoying with the one you love?

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French Champagne....Iknow Iknow....with one glass...chambord as a drizzle

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I had the most beguiling and lucious wine...Kiona 1989 Chenin Blanc Ice Wine...oh what fruit!!!!It was Great.

That would do it for me.

**Also wrote down what some of the others....Groth 1990 Cab....nice bold.
Chateau Palmer medoc 1975 Margaux...still pretty good, but on the down side...really needed decanting.
I love it when my winies pull out their good stuff.

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