Swedish Dill Bread

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My dear momma calls me to make this..shes goes nuts. ( Shes my gennie pig and garbage disposal..in a nice way..lol)

Swedish Dill Bread 1 loaf -350-45min

2t yeast
5T warm water
3 1/2c bread flour
1t salt
2T chopped fresh dill or 3 T dryed
2/3c cream cheese room temp or 2/3 sour cream
2 small onions chopped and sauted ( I like to puree them)
2 eggs
4T melted butter

Sprinkle yeast over warm water.Let set for 5 min. Sift flour
and salt in large bowl. Add dill,cream cheese,onions,eggs,and
yeast water. Mix together to form a sticky ball. Knead with
little flour. Knead for 5 min.Rest for 1/2 hour. Then knead
lightly. Let double in bulk. Lightly spray or oil 9x5x3 bread
loaf pan. Bake bread for 45 min till lightly brown.

This turns out to be a soft bread

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Excuse my ignorance but I really wanted to make this.

Blame it on the Australian thing!

t - teaspoon?
T - tablespoon?
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:) Your not ignorant. It took me a while to figure out some things from Culinary School. Yes T means Tablespoon and t means teaspoon.
Hope you enjoy the recipe. I still love making it.

Southern California
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