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    This is a crazy request but I own a restaurant on a island in North Carolina. We want to have a sushi bar for the summer, Memorial Day to Labor Day. We had a chef who agreed to come and run it but he changed his mind.
    Would you like to spend the summer by the beach? We will provide the space, the buying power and about 500-1000 very upscale clients a day. We share the proceeds. % negotiable.
    The restaurant is Mojo's on the Harbor, on Bald Head Island in NC. Near to Wilmington and Myrtle Beach.
    The island is only accessible by ferry, the staff live in Southport and we pay transportation.
    If you are interested or have any suggestions as to how to find someone please contact John  @ 910-231-7345 or email back to me at [email protected] or respond to this post.

    This will be an incredibly profitable and fun adventure