Survey: What kind of food lover/cook/chef are you?

Which camp are you in?

  • I prefer to grow, hunt, forage, or raise my own ingredients when possible.

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  • I prefer to obtain the best ingredients I can from markets.

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I thought this would be interesting to see. There have been a number of threads in the last month or two that touch on topics involving harvesting your own proteins, foraging, fishing, etc. so to me food lovers/cooks/chefs fall into two categories: 1. Those that love food, in an "organic" sense and prefer to obtain what ingredients they can themselves, they harvest wild or raise stock, garden, fish, forage, etc. and 2. Those that simply love cooking/food and concentrate on their technique and ingredient selection/sourcing as the primary means to elevate their food.
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They (you know, the ubiquitous "they") say there are only two types of people in the world; those that divide people into two types and those that don't. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

But, given your rubric, I would definately be included in the first category. I would add that those in this group are likely to have a more intimate relationship with food. It's not just knowing, on a visceral level, where food comes from. It's a matter of fitting oneself into a continuum in a way that non-hunter/gatherer's cannot appreciate.
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KY you didn't vote :( My surveys are never very successful in terms of people actually voting. I think perhaps there are two types of people on cheftalk, those that vote on my surveys, and those that don't ;)

I agree that "intimate" is a good way to describe the relationship with food that the first group has, and I do fall into that lot. I think it is worth noting also, that those whom invest time and effort into harvesting their own ingredients, subsequently cleaning and preparing those ingredients, also are those that wish not to waste anything.

That is not to say the second group is without it's flashes of brilliance. Sometimes, being removed from something, will free a creative and artistic palette so that ingredients are thought of or used in ways that those gathering or harvesting them may never have imagined.

This ultimately is what I found interesting about the division, and hope to see more comments on!
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Personally I believe there are three types of people in the world - those who can count and those who can't.

I would like to be more involved in growing my own and such, but basically I just live with what I get at the market.  I had planned to put in some tomatoes, chiles and cucumbers in what little bit of garden space we have, but it is a bit late for that.  Then again, maybe an indoor container option so I can have fresh homegrown tomatoes for Thanksgiving....

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Sorry, Eastshores. When I opened the thread it went directly to the text of your post. I didn't even realize there was a survey.

Vote is in now.
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I have grown up raising our own cattle and my family has always had a garden. There is nothing like home grown veggies and you cant substitute the flavor it gives to your food. Also i enjoy being able to control what my food eats. wow that sounds funny but its true. i like my beef lean and when i raise cattle i have more control on what they eat. There for i know exactly what I'm eating. I love Piedmonte and black angus cattle yummy. I would hope that everyone would be able to be close to their food i think its important. The division that has been created between homes and farms is sad. people don't know where their food comes from or what work goes into getting it to them and i think its about time people start finding out.
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This is a hard one for me because I think I am a little of both.

Being a city girl who married a mountain man and now lives in the woods I definitely appreciate living off the land but I will never give up my roots of having the best ingredients easily accessible either.

This is the second year of our garden and I enjoy getting my produce from my own back yard but I don't like meat from home-raised livestock.  In my short experience, I felt the meat was tough and not as good as meat from my New York butcher

But, I  voted for the home-grown food because I feel it is healthier produce because I know what is on it and if I ever (which I would not) raised my own live stock, I would know what they had been fed
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I'd be more of type 2 I suppose even though I'm currently working in Alaska fishing.  Most of my culinary career and experience as a cook involves working under chefs learning technique both classical and modern.
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I would prefer an option of growing it yourself - if I didn't have a new puppy!!  Have alwats enjoyed a vegie garden, toms, cukes, zucchini etc, but I feel this dog will dig rather than weed.  Have put off getting another since our last one passed a year or so ago (another story).

Anyone know any herbs or what-not that may  keep a dog off a vegetable bed?  Yeah I know - a bit of fencing is best /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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I think I'm type 5, a real piece of work, we haven't gotten there yet, we have to hear from the 1.299 billion people first. The kind of people that if there are only two roads, they make their own. ......... Chef BillyB
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