Survey for creation of a new Knife Storage system

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Hello all, I am a student at Wakeland High School in Frisco, Texas. My partner and I a doing a year long project in a senior level engineering course and are in need of information in order to design a more efficient and effective way to store knives in a kitchen. If you would take our short survey, it would be of great help to us and we would really appreciate it. The link is posted below and the survey will not save your email so you will not receive any further communication once the survey is completed. You may have to copy the link into the URL. search bar as well.

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Page two of your poll, in the last question. There are problems well beyond the options listed. The available answers do not let me answer the question. The poll requires an answer. The most applicable of the available answers, no storage device, contradicts earlier answers in the poll. An "other" field would be most useful here or you won't really be able to collect the data. 

For example, the problems I have with my current knife block is that it doesn't accept knives much bigger than 8" inches length very well. Longer knives stick out the back or protrude out the front. Or that the holes are not versatile.  Or that my magnetic knife rack has developed some spots of weak magnetism such that not all knives fit or are retained at all points on the rack. 

My recommended answer would be to look at the Kapoosh knife block. This is a tight grid of plastic rods that grip knives in any orientation or location within the limits of the space. But it too is only 8 inches deep. Its a fantastic design otherwise and will accept the idiosyncrasies of a custom knife collection very well. But only for the shorter knives which is a terrible failing imho. 
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Thank you for the feedback, I will add the other option as soon as possible because I believe that that is a good suggestion.
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