support your radio stations!!!!!

who do you love public radio or commercial???

  • npr, pri, wfmu, wfuv, ie. listener supported

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  • regular talk radio

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  • decaf family radio

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  • music radio and lots of it

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Joined May 29, 1999
hey gang, that time of the year again when public radio goes a' beggen for money. if you can send them the money!!! i love WFMU.ORG the best in freeform radio. where else can you hear billy don't be a hero and you put a spell on me???
love the wnyc am and fm in the ny area. the best jerry the best! aw it's gold.
great kitchen rock at wfmu fm ( and great everything at wnyc!
what do you listen to in your town???? please share, you can listen while you write on the internet!
Joined May 29, 1999
on regular talk radio has anyone heard Jon and Paul on wabc am? or lynn samuels? wild stuff!!!

speaking of radio, i miss joey ramone.
Joined Jul 31, 2000
I don't know how to vote on this,

Every Sunday evening we listen WFMU for (Ehoes) an incredible 4 hours of melodic music from celtic to Tibetian.

Really beautiful stuff (Amy Dances for us on this evening :))

I also love Music radio, When I am alone in my car, I blast the rock.

With my wife it's CD 101.9
With the kids it's, um...well actually i'm not sure what it is

Oh, and BTW M Brown, Fun thread
Joined Nov 29, 2001
While I love music radio (which is ultimately what I chose), I also think NPR serves a purpose. Sometimes "conscience" radio gives me a headache but it definitely has its redeeming programming.

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