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Hello Steven,

Would you have any good connections for purchasing bulk smoking woods?

I'm interested in suppliers of chunk, chips and dust.


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Jimmy, I thought perhaps I had made a mistake typing the link, but it didn't work for me, either. Maybe they had a weekend failure on their website. Thank you, Mary B, for the other lead. I'll have to check out The Charcoal Store. 
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I've bought lots of wood from the Charcoal Store, as they have woods that are hard to get in my area (e.g., oak) and other "exotic" woods like plum, nectarine, etc.  Great service, prompt delivery, and good quality wood.

Be forewarned, however, that what they call "wood chips" I would call "shredded wood."  This shredded wood has a much larger surface area than what I would call "wood chips,"  which means it provides a more intense smoke for a shorter period of time.  In my experience -- and this may be because I am not using their product correctly -- it is very easy to oversmoke the foods.  I do not mean this as criticism as I believe they intend their wood chips to be used in something other than typical backyard smokers and grills.  Before getting all excited and ordering a bunch of exotic woods like I did, maybe try a bag or two to see if they suit you.

EDIT:  If anyone has suggestions on how to use their "shredded wood" correctly in a standard upright smoker (Smokey Mountain), I'd be happy to know.  Right now, I am stumped, and will probably be tossing several pounds of wood soon.

Their wood chunks are similarly smaller in size (about 1/3rd?) than I have seen from any other vendor.  That hasn't been a real problem for me, but I do need to make small adjustments to my smoker setup when using them.  No big deal.

But I do emphasize that my experience with their customer service and quality has been flawless.
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