Superbowl Party!

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So what does every one have on the menu for this Sunday?
I'm doing chicken wings from a local farm with blue cheese dressing and veggies for dipping.
Home made onion dip and Better Made potato chips (local product).
I'm grinding up tenderloin chain for sliders.
I've got some Berkshire shoulders to smoke so I'll probably roll with some Q as well.
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chilli dogs, beers of different kinds (hopefully I can get some real Aussie beers at the World Market today), some freshly cooked bread, Asian style chicken wings, turkey and/or pork meat balls with cheese and garlic dips...skewered meat...and what would a party be without the sangria and margaritas for the women, huh? :smiles:
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My wife runs a very popular bar and grill in town. She is going to work and I am going to sit on my butt and watch the big screen. I will drink a bunch of Mirror Pond pale ale, eat wings, and probably have some ribs. They are doing BBQ chicken, ribs, and pulled pork.
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the superbowl is this sunday? lol, who's playing? I just am not a sports guy, my wifes friends are jealous that there is never any kind of sports on at our house. I just like the parties.
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A big hurkin' pot of gumbo(shrimp, chicken, and sausage) and some Belizian Creole bread rolls.

Taking it down to one of my favorite dives, sounds like other goodies are showing up.

Go Saints!!

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We are expecting a huge crowd... :eek:( I'm no sports fan but I have 3 boys and a hubster who are sports nuts. Good thing I love to cook.

Jamaican jerk pork sliders with watermelon pickle
Chinese chicken fried rice quesadilla's with colby jack, black olives, & mango chutney
traditional naked chicken wings with a blue cheese remoulade
bacon wrapped asparagus cut sushi style
cheese plate
assorted chips, crackers, & crunchy snacks
fresh fruit & veggie plate
assorted beverages

Guests were asked to provide dessert type stuff

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Going simple this year.

Pre-Game up too half time...
• Hot n Spicy Buffalo wings, Two types, smoked and deep fried, with blue cheese dressing.
• Marinated Veggie and smoked cheese platter
• Assorted beers

chips and salsa, dip, table munchies...

Half - Time and Post game
• Pulled Pork Sliders, 3 BBQ sauces (Hot, mild, Sweet n Sour)
• Roasted Potato Salad
• Some kind of cold veggie side...

Lemon Cheese Cake (My daughter made an awesome Lemon cheese cake, she is really digging into Nick Malgieri "How to Bake"), her success has resulted in requests for her baking delights.
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Sounds like a lot of great parties! Who was going to post that link about the Saints? If you think it's too far OT PM it to me please. I want to read that! :)
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conch salad, fresh homemade bread and ice cold Sands (local Bahamian brew) beer. Nuttin' better while we watch the Saints win their first Superbowl!

Captain Plug.
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Menu changed slightly...

Pre-game till Half time

Deep Fried Hot Buffalo wings... with blue cheese dressing on side..
Assorted Veggie platter with wife's dip..
Sliced Fresh cold Pineapple Chunks, so you can wolf down more wings.
Assorted Chips with Fresh Pico De Gallo and dips
Assorted table munchies...
Assorted Beers...

Half-time and Post Game

Pulled Pork Sliders, on the side crunchy no mayo slaw & Q sauce...
Roasted Potato Salad
Smoked Mushrooms
Assorted marinated veggies

Lemon Meringue Pie

All injected, sat in fridge all day Saturday, minor injection touch up, spread the mustard, and rub-a-dub rubbed... Don't bother asking what that piece is hanging on the left end. It all meat so I left it.

Total Smoked or cook: 14 hours (was an all nighter)
Foiled last 3 hours
Smoke/cook temp : 225-250º
Finish Temp : 200º

Meat was removed from smoker and held approx. 4 hours in preheated cooler, double wrapped in foil, double wrapped in plastic wrap, double wrapped in paper towels, double wrapped in plastic wrap. All air space in preheated cooler removed either with hand towels or paper towels.

Meat temp about 190º will be foiling soon and taking temp up to 200º. Meat will cook another 3 hours holding meat temp to 200º This smoke, when I foilded I didn't use any additional liquid to keep tender.

The pan under the butt, has about 1.5 cups of drippings, the primary water pan was full of dripping and water from the first 9 hours of smoke, the above pan was placed for last 3 hours (less fat in drippings). Some rough cut onion in the pan for flavor. When I removed this pan I added about 1.5 cups of beef stock, and heated then strained the onions and put in fridge then removed fat layer. This meat juice is so smoky flavored, great for making Q sauce or when reheating the pork next day.

Sorry the pic below is washed out. I was working fast when un-foiled the butt, it was Half Time and needed to get some Q on the table... The white crack is where the butt started falling apart when I took it out of the foil. This butt just about falling apart.

My daughter made from scratch (made the pie dough from scratch) a great Lemon Meringue Pie, her first ever...

This butt was loaded with flavor. Only 8 of us this year, but we had fun.. exciting game, good friends, food and necessary libations.
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