Sunday Roast To Order?

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Hello :)

This is my first post here but I need some professional opinions, We own a Tea room and where we are there is a huge call for a good English Sunday Roast. Most places where we are from serve pre sliced meat and frozen veg and instant gravy. We would like to do everything Home made home roasted and fresh, this is no problem at home for one sitting but im a bit stumped on how to do it to order reheating everything and keeping the same standard eg Roast meat, Crispy Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding Stuffing etc..

I was wondering serving meat at room temperature after roasting and resting but would this be acceptable?

Thankyou for any advise
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If you will be starting small with only one beef roast, a few chickens/hens then look to this thread for how to keep your proteins at the proper temp for a dedicated service time frame.

As your Sunday special catches on (how can it not if done properly?) then just stagger your roasting times throughout the day.

If you have leftovers just work into your lunch specials.... chopped roast cottage pie, Italian Beef get the gist.

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