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Summerfood 2011? I know you all think BBC, but what else? There must be thousands of quick and easy summery recipes that you make on a hot summer day.

I found some delicious and very easy to make dishes in a french magazine.

This is one of them that I tweaked to my wishes. Many thanks to "Cuisine et Vins de France" summer edition 2009.

Probably the simplest terrine you can make and very useful to get rid of cooked veggie left-overs!

I used a piece of fresh salmon in chunks, cooked haricots verts, cooked broccoli. Sweat a peeled red paprika with onion and garlic and let cool. Mix all these ingredients with a bunch of fresh herbs like parcely, chives, tarragon, lemon verbena..etc. Add quite a lot of seasoning; s&p, pinch of cayenne. Then the fun part. You need -more or less- as many eggs in volume as the sum of all other ingredients, so there's a lot of eggs in the dish. Break the eggs above all the other ingredients but try to keep a few intact. Mix extremely gently. Put in a cakemold. Bake 45 minutes at 180°C/350°F.

Leave to cool entirely. Absolutely delicious! I can think of dozens of variations.

Ready to go in the oven. So simple to make!

Out of the mold. Let it cool entirely.

Looks nice when not all the eggyolks are broken!

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I love summer recipes, I just made a nice summer pasta salad with fresh sun gold and heirloom tomatoes and buffalo milk mozzarella marinated in garlic picked from the ground the night before, salt pepper, evoo, a little garlic apple cider vinegar , then tossed with the cooked pasta fresh basil, finished with parm cheese. Oh and a rosemary olive bread I baked.. not to summer related, well I had a ton of extra rosemary so..

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MikeZ; oh yes, I like pasta salads too! Your bread sounds and looks fantastic and I'm sure it tasted like that too!!

KKV; You're right, you could call it a frittata, but the eggs are not beaten at all. Just try to keep some completely intact. Looks pretty, very very easy to make and delicious! Are you in Crete right now?
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Feta is one of my favorite ingredients in summer. The pictures are not recent but maybe it will inspire people.

My favorite summer salad; tomato, feta, fresh basil, fresh oregano, s&p, and a lots of excellent olive oil. Sorry for the Italians, it's more like I changed the bland mozzarella for the salty feta in a popular Italian salad. Sorry, but the olive oil stays Italian!

Nice with an aperitif and charcuterie or simply as kind of snack; a savory cake with feta, sundried tomato, courgette and a lot of basil that gave that fantastic color to the cake.

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  • nicoise salad
  • quinoa salad (with chopped roasted vegetables, peas, tomatoes, roast peppers, parsley, lemon juice etc etc)
  • Pasta con la pummarola (boil together (no oil) really good fresh tomatoes, a carrot in chunks, a celery in chunks, an onion in chunks, untill all is soft, and then blend, mix pasta with parmigiano just after it's drained, then add the sauce and mix well.  A little butter is nice)
  • mozzarella and tomatoes sliced and alternated around a dish and a quick pesto with fresh basil and garlic and oil, salt and pepper, done in the mortar so it's not creamy but there are little flakes of green floating in an oil sauce. 
  • gazpacho
  • bavarian cream
  • pavlova
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