Summer Pudding + Chocolate Mousse ?

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I wanted to do a nice dessert for my guests and I thought of a combination of berries and chocolate. I love English summer berry pudding and chocolate mousse and I wondered how a combination of the two would work. I would use summer berry pudding as a compressed base made out of two layers of brioche and a single layer of fruit (and maybe with a touch of gelatine) and then I would top it up with the mousse. What do you think? I've never seen it done before. Would the wet base ruin the mousse?

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When I first started really cooking, I learned to experiment and I would suggest you make this on an average day and see and if it works make again for a party or family get together. This sounds like interesting concept. I would love to see if it worked.

I always tell myself that if cooks didn't experiment then there would be no recipes to try. It starts with just one experiment.

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