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What you see here is 400 years old and its part of my garden in Le Pas. Pays-de-la-loire France which i want to make into a summer kitchen. I wasnt sure whether to simply post here now n again as I progress, or to start a blog, the intricacies of which i know sod all about...kind of my status on summer kitchen building. But hey you gotta have a go eh?

To let you understand, the house we bought used to be the grocery store in the village and its been derelict for decades. We don't have stacks of money to spend so its going to take years n years to get it right. At least 2 to make it habitable. Luckily OH is good at DIY and i do pointing and stone repair...Bit like cake decorating, but a bigger trowel.

He works 4 on 4 off in west Africa, so we spend 2 weeks here every 6-8 weeks working on the house. driving 700miles plus ferry with a car load.

Quick tour. In the loft are 2 ancient hand carved ladders (their lovely and sturdy. I used one to radically prune back the pear trees last trip) and various baskets and boxes. Downstairs theres the ever present rabbit hutches. Round here rabbit is dinner. to the left is the pig sty. Back in the 1600's having a pig sty was a sign of substance...Get me with a sty eh? we have 3 catkin trees and there are bunches of catkins drying, i know not what for?

So  my initial enquiry is how to cook. It has been pointed out over and over that French ovens are rubbish.So we bought  one down here that i had for the catering business which was dual fuel. Perfect for the house kitchen here cos its bottled gas, but what kind of bottled gas cooker would withstand freezing winters outside. I know it'l be undercover, but being out in the elements all year, im going  nuts on line trying to find one. I'm tempted to go basic and build a grill and simply bring out gas fuelled burners as we need them.

I would love to build a clay oven. Thats going to take some research.

I would greatly appreciate all input and advice will be seriously taken on board. I'm so looking forward to getting this underway. 
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What a charming little structure, Bughut. I've never heard of a summer kitchen before. I could see the tremendous potential there.
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the other 75 yards look like this

there is also another 25yds behind the hazelnut and pear trees which my neighbour sez we shouldn't cover with black plastic as this is where we brûlée ( have bonfires) Out of sight of the Gendarmes (police)My neighbours are a bunch of pyrotechnics btw. They just love to burn stuff. hmm
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