Summer just around the corner


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Well, spring is here in full bloom and already my mind is on to summertime. I was wondering what everyone's favorite beers and wines are when the temps hit 85+ degrees and you are looking for something to drink. As for beers my first choice for this time of year are the hefewiezens and though most of the year I stay away from the typical American beers, in summertime, watching the Cubs, there is nothing better than an ice cold MGD with your dog. As far as wines go I usually forego reds for the most part, though this time of year is one of the few times that I find the fruitier merlots to be a good choice. Mostly I look for acidic whites to help quench that thirst. They also seem to go really well with many of the outdoor, picnicy types of food of summer.
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Summertime cooler -

Sprinkle a little kosher salt in the bottom of a tall glass

fill glass with ice

add 1 oz. of Premium Tequila Blanco (such as,
Herradura Silver, Don Julio, est.)

fill remainder of glass with ..... Fresca.
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