Summer is just about here - Isn't it fun!

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We just hit a record number of people last night at work. I was running saute and we had a new guy with about three weeks under his belt working grill. In the thick of it I had all ten burners going and pans lined up for heat. I looked over at the new guy and could see the fear in his eyes. I just smiled at him and said, "It's summer! I'm having a blast right now!"

It was fun too. I love being in that state of flow where no moves are wasted and your hands land on everything just when needed!

Summer is here for us at our restaurant. Happy Summer everyone!
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Here in AZ summer is the off season. Mother's Day is usually the final big day and we see a HUGE drop off but this year we're starting restaurant week so that will push the end of season further back till next Sunday. We'll see a drop from 200-300 average to about 50 a night.
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I'm generally in the same boat as alaminute. I'm in Alaska for the summer this year though. Working for a salmon cannery. Can't beat the money up here
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Yea man I got up here the 23rd of April, and I'll leave at the end of July. No days off, 14 hours a day, so I'll come home from season with about 5k more than I made last year.

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