summer guests and Atkins/South Beach

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Hello, I am a freelance reporter for a major newspaper working on a story about how people plan to deal with diets (South Beach, Atkins) and houseguests this summer. I am looking for people who:
are fed-up with catering to people's diets and serve what they want, when houseguests come to visit.
are on the diet and have had trouble sticking to it while visiting friends -- maybe now they bring their own food?
are on the Atkins and have houseguests who aren't -- what to do?

Any other funny or unusual Atkins/South Beach stories about visiting friends over the summer or having house guests would be great.

I can be reached at [email protected]

Thank you for your help.
Sarah Robertson
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Sarah,welcome to ChefTalk.Wow, what to serve now with all this low carb maddness abounding in this time.At my catering events at work I am between a rock and a hard place!My CEO is an Atkins fanatic while her assistant is a vegan!Guess what though,when I set out the spread the one who cheats on her diet is the Atkins girl.So in awnser to both your questions I always put out good food,meat yes, without breading or fillers, but also the bounty of good raw and cooked veggies and fruits.The choice is there's to make, and as far as desserts are concerned ," let them eat cake" I think was the correct phrase from history.Keep cooking, Doug..........
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I cook only low carb for myself so if family or friends wants a meal, they get what I make for myself. Period. As far as going to other peoples houses - I generally don't. Not much of a social life I'm afraid :)
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