Summer 2011 Dessert Menu

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You guys doing anything interesting?

I want to bring back baked alaska.

Other things the guys at work were talking about:

Doing a sacher torte thing with fresh apricots that are in season now.

S'More Tart: graham cracker crust, gooey chocolate filling, house made marshmallow spread/piped on top

Swiss Roll. Our guy went to an Asian bakery and came back all starry eyed on the concept. Don't think he had any flavors in particular in mind. I had a fresh strawberries and cream rendition the other year that was delish.

Mentioned the orange soufle glace we're working on in another thread.
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Retro defo seems to be big right now! (love sacher torte!!!)

I've just got a new job, not started yet, but I want to pitch a Pimms jelly (with a cucumber mint sorbet) to the chefs and see if that'll fly!
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