Suing fast food (reprised)

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Apparently this issue was visited back in January
but it seems to be back again.
Please I beg don't pay these people a cent! People will never accept responsibility for their actions as long as this crap goes on. It says that I can do anything I want, take no responsibility and then when I'm ready, sue someone for millions and retire. It's the new lottery for the millenium. Takes years to play but the payoff can be big. Maybe I should go back and sue my culinary school because they never told me the hazards of working in a kitchen. They never told me I might have a heart attack after a 20 hour day! Yeah, that's the ticket I'll sue them and then retire. Then I can sue my lawyers after I get fat and lazy because they didn't tell me that millions of dollars and retirement could make me an unhealthy sloth.
That guy says he was alone. Maybe he should file a class action suit against the entire female population because no one dated the fat ***. Maybe he'll sue me too! Maybe he's gay and I passed him in the street once and didn't give him any attention and that caused him to overeat too! God help us all at what we've allowed to happen. Maybe I'll sue the NY State Lottery system for all the money I wasted chasing the payoff. Sure it was only 10-20 dollars but look at all the anxiety it caused me when all the hopes and dreams I had for the money were dashed when someone else won. Maybe I should sue the winner, because those were the numbers I was going to choose. I just forgot, because of the brain injury I suffered when I was sick. So maybe I should go back and sue the caterer that caused the heart attack that begat the cardiac arrest that begat the brain injury that screwed up my memory that begat the non chosen lottery numbers that begat my losing ticket. Maybe I should sue Nicko for having such a fine BB that gives me a forum to rant and rave. Maybe I should sue you for reading this nonsense! Help me! When will it stop?!?!
Mr. Springer? Perhaps you know.
Sorry. As you can tell this stuff makes my blood boil:mad:
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Maybe he should sue the creator of the earth, who put such fatty food here for him to eat!:lol: What a racket!
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Some people are always looking for the easy way out!:(
A number of people i`ve talked to,can`t believe that there is a lawyer who is willing to take this so-called case.
This avaricious man has brought this problem on himself,the whole thing is a lot of horse flop!!

His derisory claims deserve about two seconds thought.
As for him being lonely,has he never thought of starting a simple conversation with someone?Doen`t he have any friends apart from the Pilsbury doughboy and Ronald McDonald?There are lots of people who feel lonely and would like someone to talk to.
He needs to realise that there is much more to life that becoming a real-life Homer Simpson.Maybe that`s his role model.:rolleyes: Leo.
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so we can post signs like the bars have, "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone", you've had too many fatso, move along, or no more food for you, how about a nice glass of water, really beyond ridiculous
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I agree, it's totally ridiculous.
This particular guy asserts that he became fat and sick b/c the fast food companies didn't make him aware that the food is bad for you.
After his first heart attack, he may have had a tenuous claim to make.
But his doctor told him to stop eating those foods (as all doctors will, after a heart attack), and he kept eating them!
What ever happened to free will? this same guy would probably defend his right to make decisions for himself in all other areas of life, but when it comes to his health, he wants us to believe that some multi national company is responsible for him.
People don't want to accept difficult things that happen in life. They think that it will be better if they can blame someone. Even if he gets money out of it, he's still going to die, as we all are. And he will die a man who has never learnt to take responsibility for his actions.
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I saw this guy interviewed on one of the morning "news" shows the other day. He actually had the chutzpah to show his face to the world and expected to be taken seriously. He was so pathetic it was almost sad. I expect this will go the way of the chocolate suit here in California. Here's hoping anyway.

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I think he needs to sue his parents. Lets face it. He did'nt get ASKED to be born, did he? And if he knew life was SOOO hard....Yep. The guy could be a birth-control poster child.
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I`ve been thinking some more about this matter.This man could be leaving himself open to litigitation from other people.
For example:
1)If this man collapses in a public place with a heart attack,can others sue him for causing them distress/trauma?
2)What about the potential risk of back injury to the paramedics/doctors/nurses,etc. involved in treating him?
They may wish to sue for loss of earnings.
3)Did he purchase this copious amount of food whilst under threat from a crime syndicate/extremist organisation?
Was a gun pointed at his head by someone dressed up as Ronald McDonald?
There`s an old saying,"these things are sent to try us".
Well i say some things are very trying!!Leo.
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In a commercial today on the Comedy Channel for "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart they mentioned this guy and said that the soap industry had better watch out...he doesn't smell too good either!:D :p :eek:
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What a friggin' joke. AND the rest of us have to suffer for what these yahoos do. IE, high insurance rates, having to get someone to unlock the spray paint cabinet instead of it just being on the shelf, etc. Someday, we'll probably have to sign waivers when ordering hot beverages or buying some Ben & Jerry's. :eek:
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RoxieL,i`d be careful if i were you,someone,somewhere might just put your thoughts into action:D
There will always be someone looking for a scapegoat for their mistakes.At the same time,there will always be a lawyer hoping to manipulate any situation.Leo.
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