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Hi! [font=&quot]I have been doing a lot of research lately on Baking and Patisserie schools in the Bay Area, and I am in need of some help! [/font]
[font=&quot]I have looked up quite a few different schools and have become quite disheartened by most of them (particularly the private institutions). I have not heard anything postive about them, which makes me hesitant to pursue them further. Because of this i have been looking for courses at different community colleges since they are cheaper. I figure that if i can learn the skills I need at a CC instead of paying a fortune at a private school, then that would be great. The problem is that most community colleges do not seem to offer stand alone baking courses and seem to only focus on the culinary. Sure i enjoy cooking, but that is not my passion.[/font]
[font=&quot]Another thing making this more difficult is that I am a Canadian citizen and do not have word of mouth to go by when it comes to community colleges. I was wondering if anyone has heard about any good, full-time baking and patisserie courses i could take in the Bay Area that accept international students, and provide the forms i would need for a student visa? The only CC I have come across which seems to offer a stand-alone baking course is Diablo Valley College, which i do not know much about. [/font]
[font=&quot]Does anyone have any suggestions, thoughts or ideas? I am feeling quite lost and discouraged. It would mean a lot:)[/font]
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It is not the school, it's the student. Community colleges are as good as private schools, as all schools teach the basics. After that, it is strictly up to you .♠♠

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