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My current coffee grinder is a 30+ year old Krups burr grinder and it's getting a little long in the tooth.  It's almost time for a replacement.  It would be nice to find a grinder that's a little quieter, and that can grind fine for espresso and coarse for a French press.  One that will last for twenty or more years would be desireable as well.  Price: under $100.00, and best under $50.00 or so.  Any suggestions? 
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You can't get a decent espresso grinder anywhere near your price range.  Barely adequate starts at north of $200.

Wholelattelove is selling the Barzata Maestro for $100, which is about 1/3 less than it goes for almost everywhere else, and is the best grade of inadequate to be had for the money.

FWIW, you don't need a burr grinder for your French press.  A simple propellor grinder works just fine.  The beans don't need to be ground with great consistency, it's only important that they be coarse -- and because they are ground so coarse for the purpose, the grinder doesn't transfer much heat to the fines. 

Thus, if you've found something good for espresso and which is otherwise good but doesn't change grind sizes easily or doesn't allow for a good French press grind at all.  Just buy the darn thing and get a cheap propellor grinder as its stable mate. 

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 If you want a quality grind at both ends of the spectrum (French press and espresso) The Barsata Virtuoso ($180-200)  is just scratching the surface of an acceptable grind for an espresso addict. However you haven't told us about your espresso machine. Are you pulling shots etc?  If you are pulling shots you need to be looking in the $400 range for a quality grinder. Even at that price point if you use it daily a 20 year life is unrealistic.
I can't agree with my friend BDL at all on the propeller grinder for French Press. A FP grind just like any other coffee grind needs the beans to be ground consistent for the best results. They are great for grinding herbs, seeds etc. but not coffee.
If your primarily focus is on FP and you are not pulling shots you can get a Cuisinart burr grinder for under $50 that is lite years ahead of the whirling blade grinders. Costco sells them for $28. I'll leave a link so you can see what one looks like but I am not endorsing this store or suggesting you buy from them. I have been using the cuisinart for about five years. They work like a charm and unless you plan on spending $200 for the Barsata IMO it's the only game in town. Even then the Virtuoso is no better for french press IMO.
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Considering the cost for a machine that will make a good espresso grind and do a good job with an FP grind, I'd be willing to give up on the espresso as it's not something I make very often - I was planning to grind the beans at home and take them to the nearby Senior Center where I do some teaching and volunteer work, and use the beans in their espresso macine.  However, we can get beans ground for that machine elsewhere, so, with that in mind, what might be a good choice for a French press and the grind used for those paper cones - that's really all I use at home.  Thanks!
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Get burr grinder--more expensive, but last a lot longer and your coffee grounds will always be the exact grind you want. Mine is a Krups and I like it. But any good burr grinder brand will do.
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