Suggestions on emerging as a Leader???

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    Hi everyone!

    I could really use your help and opinions on what I can be doing to emerge more as a leader at my place of work.  

    I am a catering cook.  I am very dedicated to my company and want to be there for a very long time.  I also want to advance my career as I am always looking to learn more and am very interested in all aspects of the business.  I would really like to be promoted to a leadership position but am not quite sure how I should go about it or if what I am doing is right.  I am the person who shows up early for work.  I also try and stay late as much as possible.  I come into work with a positive attitude and try my best to bring others up.  Many of my coworkers just show up because it is a job and they find it hard to be excited about anything.  I absolutely love catering events and as it gets closer to show time, I get more excited but others don't seem to show the same enthusiasm.  I am able to rally some team spirit from time to time...more than my bosses do anyways.  I am always trying to go above and beyond but I don't feel like I am noticed at times.  I do things before anyone can ask me to do them. I anticipate others needs and act on it.  I even take a copy of the BEO's home with me each week to study so that I can be fully prepared every day I show up to work.  I am the only one who has them completely memorized each day.  I just want everyone to come together and be a team.  Support each other and make our company the best it can be.  Some of my coworkers are just so stubborn though and more focused on themselves.  I even had to deal with a coworker the other day who had a mini trantrum because she didn't want to put the croutons on the salad.  How can I rise above all of this and try and lead us as a team to success?  I am always trying to help other people get better and know how to use their strengths as well as weaknesses but with no actual authority I find it hard to better our place of work.  I wish others had more interesting in learning other aspects of the company as well.  I am always trying to learn about what other coworkers are doing.  Everyone from the GM to the bakers and the dishwashers because I love to learn and knowledge is power.  But with other coworkers saying things like "we don't get paid to think" or "I just do my job and never ask questions" it feels like we are going no where.  I feel like they need a leader.  Normally that would be our Sous Chef but they seem to be more scared of him rather than inspired.  And our other Sous Chef isn't being taken seriously.  I just want to help.  Please let me know what I am doing right or what I can improve on.  I really need suggestions on how to emerge as a leader so I  help us all make our workplace a more positive place.
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    First off...How about some paragraphs.

    If you were hired as a cook, then that's what they expect you to do. You were not hired as a team leader or cheer leader. It's not your job to better the team.

    Leadership starts with the owners, then into the kitchen with the chef then your two sous chef's.
    Shit runs down hill, how far down on the ladder are you?

    Do you have a lead cook? Could you be a lead? Do you have enough experience? Do you get rewarded or praised for your job well done?

    I did off site catering for years.... What's to get excited about? It's a lot of work.

    Do you know every aspect of the the food that is being prepared? How to get it there, what is needed for the set up, how all the equipment works?.

    Do the job that you were hired for, do it well and don't be concerned how others feel about their jobs.

    If there is room for advancement and the chef notices your hard work, maybe he will promote when there is a position available, if you have the qualifications.

    My suggestion, don't be a Debbie Downer and smother everyone with your enthusiasm and team spirit. It will get old very quickly