Suggestions Needed--Getting a job at a bakery

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 Good afternoon Pastry Forums

Starting next week, I am making the rounds of all the Bakeries in my area to get a job/career start.

I am in my early 30s, "lite" baking experience (biscuits/cornbread in a restaurant) and some cooking experience.

Do you have any suggestions to help me get a job in a Bakery?

What do the owners/managers want to hear, see? 

What is the best time to come by?

Would I have a better chance of success if I make an appointment?

For me, I am making this a career choice. I have proven sales skills(in person/phone) , warehouse (inventory/forklift) but I want to make a career in the culinary field. Currently I have a part time job in the evenings at a restaurant and I wanted to get something earlier in the day. And baking has always been something that has intrigued me.

Thank you for your help.
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A lot of bakers start at midnight, so just start in the mornings and pick up applications and talk to whoever is around. They may know nothing or  they may own the place, but either way someone has seen your smiley face and will (hopefully) remember you when you drop off the application the next day (if you didn't just take a few minutes and fill it out there) with an updated resume. 

As always, start with the best place in town.

Also, some bakers prefer breads, others pastry...while they usually have a mix of product on the shelves. For instance my first baking job dealt with more bread from scratch recipes and making cakes with a pre-made mix and very few pies or tarts were ever made. I know your more interested in learning about good food so find out what they actually make in store and what is a bake-off item. best of luck.
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I don't really know where the best place is, I just know there is many bakeries in the area I am looking.

The place I really want to work for, does a number of things very well, from breads to pastries.
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