Suggestions for new convection oven?

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    We have been limping along with a used double stack gas convection oven for 5 years.  Blodgett on top, Vulcan on the bottom.  Propane conversion.  They are driving me batty!  The Blodgett temperature drops to extremes.  I have to heat it to 500 before I load the 5 racks with anything cold, protein or baking, and then it drops to somewhere in the 200's before it slowly starts to raise the temp again.  Sometimes the temp wont go back up again!  The Vulcan works pretty well but I don't dare put anything but meat in there.  It's an extreme heat cooker even on low fan.

    So, my question is...What IS the best convection oven in the $6-$10 thousand dollar range?  We are a camp serving youth, family camps, ladies retreats and men's retreats.  We serve anything from chicken fritters to prime rib and baby back ribs.  Bake cookies and pastries with a lot of from scratch cooking.  In other words not nasty camp "open a box" food but a lot from scratch.  It needs to be pretty versatile!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.