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dear friends!
I am starting a new venture --- after years of being told "you should start a bakery" --- I am venturing into the unknown and putting together a modest home baking business. Have dealt with al the proper departments for licensing and today the contractor will come to begin turning a portion of my basment into a kitchen ---

will mostly sell to the resort owners, B&Bs, retailers and a HUGE Farmers Market here --- this is a coastal village and very "touristy" ---plan to do breads, muffins, cookies and maybe a few pies with our fabulous Michigan Apples --- I also do speciality items that are Low Carb and Sugar Free and there seems to be a BIG demand for Low Carb Baking that doesn't taste like the sands of the Sahara -- :) --- and I have developed LCSF recipes that are fabulous if I do say so myself!

So I am looking for any suggestions you might offer on starting a new business and the types of equipment I should have to get started.
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Dear Molly,

You might want to start right


Welcome to Cheftalk and all the best to you!



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Congratulations on taking your first steps. The important factor that most people forget is the need for good legal counsel and a competent accountant. I trust you have both. The key to succesfully driving your business is going to be marketing. You are competing with at least a dozen very visible business for a tiny bit of the market and a milion other not so visible enterprises. Be focused on your target and who you want to sell to. Keep one question in mind. How will I make my first sale?



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