suggestions for main served with balsamic roast potatoes??

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I'm new here, In a bit of a pickle because I'm cooking for the in laws this week and can't decide what to make. i really want to try out a balsamic roasted red potatoe recipe i found online but can't think of anything to serve with them so that it won't be too dry but i don't really know what sauce/main dish would compliment these taters!! i was thinking of using chicken, fairly solid, everyone likes it, so if anyone could suggest something that would compliment balsamic potatoes please let me know!




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Braised chicken seasoned with rosemary (and garlic). Rosemary and balsamic marry well to my tastebuds.
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My first question is, do you really want to try a new recipe when entertaining your in-laws? Especially one you downloaded from a recipe site?

That aside, I think even a roast chicken would work. It's hard to beat chicken and taters in any form. As Phil suggests, however, I would kick up the bird a little with rosemary or even tarragon to compliment the balsomic.

Another possibility: lamb chops. In this case I would opt for loin cut chops, rather than the lollipops, and perhaps use a pecan crust on them.
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can't go wrong with meat and potatoes. I would have said a nice roast beef but a good roast chicken is always second in my book. give us a post of the Balsamic Potato recipe and we will see if we can spot any issues with the recipe before you try it.
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(6) Crispy Cornish Hens -

In each bird cavity put a clove  of garlic, tsp of  tarragon, and some S&P. .   Heat a  baste  of  3/4  c each white  wine,( I like white port) & melted butter, 1 TB tarragon.     Rub birds with garlic salt, roast in preheated 400 oven in a  flat, SHALLOW not crowd.... for 1 hour or til crispy and golden and a wing twists easily, basting often with the  marinade.   Serve with drippings....... yum.      Besides being  fabulous tasting , nice presentation for guests. 
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I was thinking a slow cooked leg of lamb studded with rosemary and slivers of garlic.  If you have a meat thermometer all the better.  Bung it into the thickest part of the meat, careful not to touch the bone.  A nice bed of carrots, onions, and maybe parsnips, rutabaga and celery.  Drain off the juices (clear off some of the fat with a spoon if you don't like it) and while the meat rests under a tent of foil (i.e. just loosely covered) reduce the pan juices with a little red wine.  It really would suit, if you are confident with lamb.

If you don't have a meat themometer, pierce a thick part of the lamb with a knife or a skewer.  Red juice = not done.  Clear juice = done.

Roast chicken is always a good choice, as mentioned by others.
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