Suggestions for anneversary dinner?

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I live in San Jose, California. my wife and I will be enjoying the 4th anneversary of our weding in a couple of months, and I'd like to treat her to a special night out. As part of the evening, I'm hoping to have a wonderful dining experience. Perhaps you can recommend a restaurant?

A drive to San Francisco is not out of the question, so my first thoughts lead me to Masa'a or Danko's. Which of these (or perhaps another restaurant) would you recommend?

As always, thank you for your time and expertise.

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Fifth Floor
Jardiniere (get a good table upstairs where it is less noisy and better ambience)
Fleur de Lys (supposed to be a very romantic setting as well as very fine food)
Boulevard (get a table that faces the Bay)
La Folie

They'll probably ask, but if they don't let them know that you are celebrating your anniversary and would like the best table in the house if it is available.

Happiness and togetherness to you and your wife.


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I just got back from San Francisco and ate at Gary Danko's. It was great. One of the best meals that I have ever had. Look for my comments on it coming up in the next few days.
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Thank you, Suzanne. I had a great day.

Thank you, monpetitechoux for the restaurant names. I'll do some searching.

I, too, amd looking forward to Pete's review of Danko's.
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