Suggestions anyone? Spinach cheese dip

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Happy New Year Everyone!

It's that time of year and I am making our traditional dips/platters/snacks for the New Year's Eve get together and was just wondering if anyone might have suggestions for changing up my own spinach/cheese hot dip.  I will list what is in the dip and if anyone has any ideas of what I could add or remove to give it a little change that would be cool!

Spinach (blanched, chopped)

Water Chestnuts (chopped)

Red pepper (chopped)

Minced Garlic

Cream Cheese

Marble Cheese (in dip and melted on top)

Green onions on top for garnish

I have done variations where I have added in a herbed havarti (yeah I know I will get looks for that one haha, but it was yum yum) added parm, sharp cheddar and old cheddar, but so far unless you add large quantities, it is hard to distinguish the cheeses amongst the cream cheese.  But I'm still a newbie, so any ideas are welcome!!

Thanks and be safe tonight:)
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What's a marble cheese?  Is that like a colby?  Also what's your method of assembling this?  Are you sauteeing the garlic and peppers or just putting them in the bowl? 

What purpose do water chestnuts have in this? 


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I'd skip the marble cheese and replace it with sour cream and some parmesan.

Sour cream helps texture and tang which are both a plus I think.  Parmesan will pack the flavor without going stringy. Use the real Parmigiano Regiano.
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I think the water  chestnuts add crunch.

marble cheese in BC white and yellow cheddar marbled together
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if you want to change it up, a smoked mozzarella would be nice...i make mine with artichoke hearts(quartered and smooshed a bit), and good parm...just 'wave' hot sauce or chipotle tabasco in.....have fun!


oh, meant to your spinach dip warm? the one i make is baked to make everything even more cheesy ooey gooey...
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I know it's too late now, but what about a nice creamy gorgonzola?  That would be zippy!
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/img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gifYummmy!  Thanks for the idea's everyone!  It's a warm dip durangojo, I tried Phatch's idea and skipped the marble, put in some sour cream (great idea as I added too much spinach making a bit thick haha).  I add in everything fresh then back at a low oven temp, usually between 300-350 depending on what else is cooking lol

I am definitely going to try gorgonzola next time, what a great idea, never even crossed this cheese obsessed cooks mind:)

Cheers all
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