Suggestion for cooking Turtle!

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My brother has turtles in the back of his ranch. He wants to kill one, but he eats what ever he kills. So... Any one know good techniques and recipes?
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Get any older French Cookbook and look up"' Green Turtle Soup Amantillado"' It is a classic that was served years ago. I know of no other preperation for turtle.
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My brother has turtles in the back of his ranch......

"In the back of his ranch?" This needs clarification, as it implies they are land based. If so, they are not turtles but terripins---the most common of which is usually called a box turtle.

There are three types of culinary turtles. Traditionally, the green sea turtle was mostly used, particularly in haute cuisine. Sea turtles are now protected.

Turtles from fresh water consist of soft-back turtles and snapping turtles. Soft-backs are popular in some Asian cuisines, but never caught on in the U.S. for some reason. Generally, when folks talk about turtle, they mean snapping turtles.

There's a whole rigamorole involved, once you capture them, in purging and butchering turtles. Once you've gone through that, however, you've got some great meat. It's said, in fact, that there are 7 different meats in a turtle, depending what part of it you are using.

Be that as it may, turtle is used in a wide array of dishes, from soup to friccasee, to deep-fried turtle. The classic is terripin stew, as was served in the horse country of Maryland and Virginia.
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