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hi chef,

im up for a competition , now the prob is im a hot chef strugling to to get my desert on the plate have no clue what it would realy be could u guys help me out whith this i was thinking of having some sugar work on it  but any suggestions from u guys would be appriciated

thanks in advance chefs!!

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Sugarwork is a bit dangerous for beginners and I wouldn't advise it for a competition where time is a major factor.  A carmelized apple tart or Mousse or Panna Cotta or even a Creme Brule would be easier and still show you have skills IF you do it right.  Candied carrots or lemon peels make a nice decoration and are not anywhere near as dangerous as pure sugar work. best of luck.
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Sugarwork is a bit dangerous for beginners......

And even for experienced pastry chefs. Not, as Gunnar notes, the thing to fool around with at a competition until you get some time in grade. And I'd advise finding an experienced mentor to guide your early efforts.  
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When you say sugarwork are you talking pulled or spun or gum paste, fondant?  If you are please believe me don't. As said above stick with what you have done before. Pulled and spunin particular requires years of experience and special equipment. Also  if not done correct, it will fall apart. It is drastically affected by temperature and humidity change. I am not saying don't try it, but not for a competition right now.
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i did a competition last year and chose to do a sugar cage on top of a blackberry sorbet. Needless to say my sugar crystallized and was a major fail. So from my experience(which isnt much) i would not use sugar unless you are totally confident.
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I would not attempt ANYTHING that I had not done to perfection many times before!

There will be enough pressure from:
  • time,
  • strange workplace,
  • audience,
  • judges watching your EVERY step
so why compound the situation with something you may or may not be able to "pull off"???
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