Sugar Work at Home for the Pastry Artisan

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My apartment looks like a damn sugar studio between my heat lamps, airbrushes, compressors for those airbrushes, work benches, and many hundreds of dollars in silicone molds and floral cutters. I have developed so many tools that I now need a mechanic's roll-away cabinet and chest combination to keep myself organized while still being able to maintain some measure of a domestic environment.

I do not wish to lug all this crap into the job each day (risking theft or damage to my tools) and prefer to do sugar decor in my home where I am already set up and where I can work with quiet focus and without interruption. Is this common within the industry? Is it common for a pastry chef to do the bulk of ornamental sugar works at home, rather than on the job site? If so, does this invite the exploitation of the pastry cook? You know, an employer expects me to make sugar pieces on my own time without additional compensation? How do I negotiate this sort of thing during a job interview?

If an employer expects frequent sugar showpieces, is there a corresponding acceptance that the pastry chef will wish to create the bulk of the piece at his (or her) home bench?

Thank you for your answers!
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I should say that I just do sugar work on my own as a hobby, so I have no professional expirence. But on the other hand, I think any employer that is desiring of frequent showpieces would have a section of the kitchen set up for that and have all the tools, maybe you can bring some of your own, but over all I sort of find it hard to expect an employer hiring someone to do sugar work and not provide a work environment and supplies. Also, working at home seems to lend itself inevitably to transport and breakage issues.
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