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I have searched for sugar pumps for blown sugar on the net and only came up with a sugar pump from sweet technologies for 130 $ and one european site called meilleur du chef. Since I am not a professional I don't want to spend that much money. are there any other sites that sell sugar pumps? What other devices can be used for blown sugar technique? I thought about blood pressure monitor's pump....any ideas? (creative idea maybe!!) I appreciate your help. Are there any good sites about blown sugar technique?
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This is what I use. It is in the bottom left corner of the picture. Basically it is just like the blood pressure pump which is all you need, and the price is right.
You attach the little wooden pump piece to the tube and you place your sugar ball around the wooden tip and pump.

I don't know of any web sites off hand but the Notter videos and books are the best available in my opinion.
Check out the web site attached or the one for Ewald Notter.
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You'll really need the holding bladder for larger pieces.
checked Prince and they ar 119. sorry
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