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Hi There,

I made this amazing Chocolate Cranberry torte I got from

All I could think about was how could I make this sugar-free for my diabetic boyfriend. I would love to show up with this torte all for him (I could win big brownie points. Sugar free of course).

I use Splenda as a sugar substitute and have been pretty successful with that. It is the chocolate that I am stumped on and I can't find resources on making sugar free chocolate.
I find recipes for cakes and cookies but they use semi-sweet chocolate which is not sugar free.

Ultimately, I would like to create my own sugar-free chocolate. Ambitious, I know. The only thing that comes to mind is unsweetened chocolate that I add Splenda too over a double boiler. I feel like I'm missing something.

Any ideas?


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Pretender, I have used Scharffenberger bitter chocolate with Splenda with good results. Just be careful about fruit; it does have sugar, even if it's not cane sugar.

Yummy-sounding! Please post what you come up with for substitutions.
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Thank you for such a quick reply and great information.
I took a look at their website and found a local retailer the carries the Scharffenberger chocolate.

So, in your opinion, my thoughts are right to combine the chocolate with splenda to taste?

I'm working on the fruit aspect of the diabetic issue too.

There some great recipes but lack so much flavor.

Anyway, thanks again so much :lips:
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How about using unsweetened chocolate and adding extra Splenda to sweeten it. You might have to experiment to get the right sweetness but that should work.

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I was wanting to make scratch peanut brittle for a diabetic this Christmas. Someone turned me onto this sugar substitute:Whey Low. It's one for one so you don't have to worry about ratios.

I ordered it and used it in a regular peanut brittle recipe. It worked very well and tastes just like sugar. I'm quite impressed and highly recommend it. This coming from someone who doesn't drink diet drinks because it tastes horrible.

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