Suckling pig shoulder

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I've got a suckling pig shoulder (taken from a half of the whole carcass). I'd like to get crispy skin and falling off the bone meat. Was wondering if anyone can help out with:

1. Should I brine it or not?

2. At what temperature for how long?

3. Should I cover it with foil or not?

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If you're doing it in the oven place it in a deep roasting pan and score the skin with a knife. Season it any way you like and then cover it with foil.  Put in a 325 oven for 6 hours and leave it alone.  Take it out of the oven, and remove it form the pan onto a shallow roasting pan.  It will have released a lot of jus and fat and won't brown in the deep roasting pan.   Crank the heat to 400 and stick the roast in again to make cracklin.  You'll have fall off the bone meat and crispy skin.
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Make sure when you put in roasting pan(2nd step) you put it on a rack otherwise bottom part will stick to pan and burn

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