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Trying a new recipe that calls for cream infused with 1 Tablespoon crushed cardamom pods- can not find it around here and don't have time to order it. All I can get is ground cardamom. How much should I use?
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The ground stuff is pretty pungent... I'd cut it back. I sprinkle about 1/4 teaspoon on my two scoops of coffee grounds before brewing, and it's pretty strong (I like it that way).

I'd recommend a teaspoon at the most, but then I'm no pro! :blush:
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mmnnnnn.... cardamon infused coffee cheesecake - you just inspired me. Topped with roasted bananas and marscapone cream. no base. Slightly underCooked in a bain marie
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Did you try an Indian grocery store? I know there are some in Cleveland. They sell them for dirt cheap as well as many other spices. Every time I go spice shopping, I go a little nuts and I end up buying things like "amchur powder" (powdered mango something or other) and never using it. ;)
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I was going to reccomend the Indian grocery store too. It's amazing how in-expensive spices are there. Mexican stores are wonderful sources for spices too.

As far as the amount of sub. go lightly, very lightly. I don't know how much cream and "into what" your putting it???? But I'd start at 1/8 of a tsp. or a lighter dust of it and TASTE it. Then add according to what your making and how much you want to taste it.
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Thank you all. I made orange-cardamom truffles and I substituted 1/2t. They are very tasty!! I wish there was a way to cyber share. I never thought about the Indian store. I will keep that in the recesses of my brain for next time. We are very fortunate to have a food co-op that carries just about every spice, herb, tea, and root imaginable in bulk at great prices- never occurred to me that they wouldn't have it.
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Bakery supply houses sometime carry it. My danish recipe and other breakfast yeast recipes call for it.
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