Substituting Eggs in Cake Recipe

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Hello Everyone,

I am interested in substituting the eggs in my cake recipes and thought to come to the Senseis of baking. I have a few questions regarding this and I hope someone can give me some insight.

1) What can I use in place of the eggs that is a 1 to 1 substitution? I know there are a lot of alternatives out there but I would like the most reliable substitution.

2) What would be the ratio? 2tbs of this, 1 tbs of that...

3) Will this mixture affect the other amounts of the ingredients in the recipe? i.e., Will I have to re-calculate all of the other ingredients when I use the substitution? 

4) Will the texture of the cake be totally different than if I were to use eggs?  I'm trying to accomplish the same texture and taste as if I had used eggs.  

I've read a few different things I could use to replace the eggs but I wanted to get other input/opinions. 


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A very good egg substitute is the holy grail of vegan baking. When a company finally creates it, it will be worth millions. In the meantime, there are substitutes, but the texture is always different (often pancake-like). There are a few decent recipes, so instead of substituting with an egg replacer, it may be better to start with a cake recipe that doesn't even require eggs.
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What about aquafaba? the liquid from canned chickpeas? Or is that only good in a meringue?
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Eggs are hard to sub, but there are many cake recipes out there without eggs. I recently had to make a vegan wedding cake, and I used a recipe without any eggs at all. The only thing about it is it was very soft. No real binder without the eggs.
There are a few egg substitutes out there but I haven't tried them. Aquafaba works great for a meringue, and I have seen it used in place of eggs in a cake, but I haven't tried it personally. I would cook my own chickpeas without any seasonings if it's going to be used. Taste is a whole lot better than from a can.
I've noticed the Joshua John Russell's cakes have no eggs in them, so you could look him up and compare to those.
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What about aquafaba? the liquid from canned chickpeas? Or is that only good in a meringue?
Aquafaba has all kinds of problems. Ambient humidity, allergic reactions to Chickpea protein etc. Solution is a touch of two types of seaweed, plant cellulose and a completely different type of plant protein. We teach this all in our vegan Pastry academy in Spain - school is taught in English
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