Substituting Angel Food Cake for Sponge Cake***

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Hello Everyone!

I am making a strawberry mousse cake recipe that requires sponge cake. However, I am substituting angel food cake for the sponge cake. The strawberry mousse cake recipe also requires strawberry syrup AND strawberry mousse to be applied to the cake. Do you think that adding the both would make the strawberry mousse cake too sweet? Through an internet search, I discovered that angel food cake has 9 grams more sugar than sponge cake, per serving. Should I only add the strawberry mousse and NOT the strawberry syrup?

Thank you for your help!
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Hi New baker,

Welcome and since you are already changing the recipe I would look at maybe adding something fresher/acidic/brighter to counter the sweetness of angel food cake.

What do you have in the fridge, freezer or cupboard? Any lemon curd, dark chocolate, orange oil, nut butters? Maybe leave your strawberries unsweetened for sauce and alter your mousse to vanilla or citrus?

A million options, depending what you have/have access to or maybe all your friends really, really love sweets...

The only way to do it wrong, is if no one likes it! People love sugar too much for that to happen very often!

Good luck and have fun!
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Follow the recipe to the letter the first time.
Gives you a baseline for any corrections needed to make it better.
Like switching to angel food cake (agree that the syrup will turn sponge to mush).

Just sayin’....
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