Stupid Criminal Story

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On my way to pick up a few chocolate bunnies on Saturday.

Was at a complete stop to turn and was hit (HARD this guy had to be going pretty fast and he left no brake skid marks) from behind by one of those tanks they made in the old days.

Motioned to him to turn into a Dollar Store parking lot to get out of the traffic.

I got out to look and saw no damage (KIA Sorrento who woulda thunk?) so was just going to let it go.

He got out and got in my face (kinda rattled me) then stuck his head into the car and started doing the same to my DD.


I am pissed.

Called the fisherman and the cop shop.

The guy saw me on the phone and left the scene and went shopping for cigs?

Officer rolled up and asked where he went...

I told them he bolted (not true but remember I AM PISSED).

The guy comes back with a bottle of mouthwash.

AHHHHH the plot thickens.

Cop asked why the mouthwash...well it seems his wife has bad breath?

Cop took pix of my license and insurance and told me to two backup cars pulled in.

He started to frisk the guy so I decided to check the Dollar Store for the bunnies.

Big commotion going on in the parking lot.

Seems the guy really bolted this time ....took three big guys to get him down and cuffed.

Glad I left.


This guy had several chances to leave the scene.

Coulda just kept going when I turned into $ store.....

Coulda skipped the shopping trip and made himself scarce....

Coulda run when the nice policeman was alone and asked me to make myself scarce.

And whywhywhy didn't he drink the mouthwash (full of alcohol) and leave the bottle in the store?


He waits until the scene was full of big men with guns and THEN he runs.

Stupid criminal.

Also a lucky criminal as I have a license to carry a handgun but seldom exercise my right to do so.


And how was your weekend?

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Lesson learned.

Don't wait until the day before Easter to shop for chocolate bunnies.

Went to almost every store in a 10 mile radius.

No decent chocolate of any sort.....


Think I will order from @foodpump  next year.

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What an idiot! I think mouthwash at Walmart is 89 cents. How is this guy going to have money for the jail commissary by spending his money foolishly.
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Ahh but even in TX one must have ample cause to even show the weapon.
Of couse, were he more agressively dangerous you could have introduced
it to his internal organs.

Stupidity coupled with not knowing to quit when ahead has found many
a horsethief coolin his boots, waitin' fer the circuit judge t'come around.

What makes Meez happy is our Mimi bein fine and well to tell the story
round the campfahr. :)
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Today i was robbed while walking home.

Some stupid armed junkie robs me (willing to put my life at risk) because of 4 bucks.....

I´m a black belt in karate and tae kwon do, but im not stupid enough to put my life at risk for something as insignificant as 4 bucks. 

At the end the guy took ten, better ten then my life or the laptop i was carrying in my bag. 

The world is crazy today. 

Between idiots and armed junkies im starting to see that public security is threatened. Im going to have to start walking around with pepper spray. I miss the days when i used to take my knives to work, at least when walking if the idiot was unarmed i knew i had the advantage having my knifes and martial arts training, so no brainer there, now some guy with a gun. Well not much option there i guess.... 

Im just pissed, at least though im safe, and it was probably better i getting robbed, because behind me were some young girls walking the street, maybe my bad luck served as warning for others. 

I already posted a Facebook rant, so i´m feeling better. 
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This one happened aboutba month ago...

Walking to work, it's maybe 7:00 am or so. No sun out yet.

Hear the unmistakable sound of breaking glass as I'm crossing the street and stepping onto the sidewalk of the next block.

Then guy comes barreling down the sidewalk like he's on fire, black scarf wrapped around his face, clutching a cloth shopping bag to his chest. He sees me and he' considering running me down, I step out onto the road, he barrels past. As I'm walking up the block, I see the front door of the pub smashed in,balarm blaring, glass all over the place.

Its another block to work, so I call the cops and report it from work. Cops were less than pleased that I didn't actually see the guy smash in the door.

After work I pop into the bar and tell them I'm the guy who reported the break in.

"Oh. The cops already arrested him"

"Really? I didn't actually see him. Do you guys have a camera?"

"No... He was in here last night, telling everyone today's his birthday, and how he was going to have the best (deleted) booze and the best party tonight."

Took me almost a week to wipe the sh*t eating grin from my face......
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My brother was rolled in San Francisco a couple of years ago.

He was on his way to the airport so they got all of his stuff as well as his wallet and cash.

A lot of scrapes and some deep soft tissue injuries but it was the emotional trauma that stuck.

Faced those down by another visit last week.

Sounded like he had a great time.

You go bro...

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