Stuffed Pretzels

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I guess I never came across a stuffed pretzel, can you buy them on-line I would like to see one? Trying to figure out how you stuff a twisted dough
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Actually, they are formed as rods, not the twisted shape. The rods are dipped, as usual, split lenthwise, and stuffed before baking.

You can find some examples in Eric Kastel's Artisan Breads. Among the fillings he suggests are garlic, herb and cheese; pesto and cheese; and sun-dried tomato and cheese.


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It is not that hard to make them. put a blob of your chilled filling inside of your dough and pinch it shut. Roll it out and shape it like a regular pretzel, if you are careful it will not leak out, go slow.. Cream cheese works well and can be flavored in a number of ways--jalepeno, onion etc.
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