Stuffed pork tenderloin

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I have a 5 lb tenderloin that I want to grill. I am planning on stuffing it with andouille sausage and making a sauce with Cajun mustard. But I think it should have more in the stuffing than just the sausage. Maybe something like a pesto, or maybe some sort of layer of rice? Need ideas. One of you have probably created the masterpiece. Care to share?


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Because loin is best at around 135 to 140 degrees you want stuffing that also is good at that temperature. Andouille should be cooked to 160 which would overcook your loin. Unless you precook the sausage.

A vegetable stuffing like duxelles, spinach or an olive based stuffing are good choices for lower temp roasts.
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The duxelles sounds good, but so does the salami! I think I'll go with the duxelles. I had already thought of a pesto type of additive and that fits perfectly. The sausage is already cooked. I just need to get it hot.

Thanks again. It never fails that I get great responses here.

Bon apitite.
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I really doubt you have a 5 pound tenderloin, most likely it is just loin.

When doing a sausage stuffing I usually use diced bell peppers, onion, a little garlic. And I cook the stuffing first, so you don't end yup with cooked stuffing, overcooked pork, or undercooked stuffing, cooked pork. How are you planning to stuff?  Butterfly and roll, or cut holes in it and put the stuffing in those?


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Teamfat, I was just going to say that I have never seen a 5# tenderloin. That must be a hog on steroids........./img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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Stick with the Cajun theme. Make a kind of Jambalaya and stuff the pork with that. You would need the rice to be sticky and not fluffy, so maybe try and make the jambalaya with short grain. Kind of like Boudin

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