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I love the taste of tomatoes. Subsequently, I often gravitate toward recipes that include tomatoes and promise the addition of tomato flavor to my dish, like tomato butter sauce for example. The tomato taste is never strong enough for me though. Is there a way I can amplify it?
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Cut them in half. Sprinkle with s&p on cut side. Put in oven at 300 degrees. Depending upon your preference, you can leave them for as little as 30 minutes up to 3 1/2 hours. It will concentrate the flavor but they will stay softer and juicer than store bought sun dried.
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This is one of my favorite techniques. I used S&P plus garlic and olive oil. Roast longer than shorter. Best with a meaty tomato like a Roma.
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I'll suggest it may also be the tomatoes you are using. Supermarket tomatoes don't have the same flavor as those direct from a local farm. If you are in an area where tomatoes are available in season, use those instead. I think you will notice a big difference. 

Using ripe, farm fresh tomatoes and Cheflaynes suggestion, your tomato recipes should be packed with flavor. 


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August.  Get your tomatoes from the farmer's market at peak ripeness, blanch, peel, freeze.

To me, tomato "flavor" includes the texture, the feel of the juice, how it flows, etc.

Also, add salt.  The V8 people figured that out and ran everyone's blood pressure sky high.  :D :D 
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What about the addition of tomato powder (if you don't have access to seasonal vine ripened tomatoes)?
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