Strong Magnetic Knife Strip Recommendation

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Hi all. I am looking for recommendations on really strong magnetic knife strips. I have limited under counter space, so my 240 gyuto and bread knife would barely fit. However, if I store them all on the strip diagonally, it would be perfect.

Anyone know of some knife strips strong enough to hold your knife at whatever angle you put them on?
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I have purchased 4 of them two didnt make the cut. Knifes with less than perfectly flat blades would not stay put. If your trying them out in stores take your weirdest and heaviest blades and simulate the position youll have them in. next most will marr the blades of your knife. One piece of clear packing tape will lesson this but it also effects the holding strength.

Theres a ton of them on ebay or Amazon IKIA sells some but there barely enough to hold my larger knifes. If appearance isnt an issue magnetic tool holders for mechanics are the best bang for the buck. Napa or harbor frieght carry some very strong ones in different lengths. They can also be cut down with a hack saw be sure to file and edges smooth.
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@Tarak   here you go

It can mount magnetically to your fridge or you can screw it to the wall with anchors.  I have 2 on my fridge for over 3 years no problems holding up thousands of dollars in knives.  It's wood so better for your edges.  If you don't know...  place your knife on by the spine then rotate it.  Don't slap your knives down on a mag bar.
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