Strip loin in shaam

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How long and at what temp would u cook a strip loin in a alto shaam overnight for. Its been a while since ive needed to do this thanks
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250 for how many hours? we usually do 210 for 7 hours but it seems like we sometimes have to flash it before service to bring it up to temp.


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Depends on how much you load the sham.  4 strips at 250 for 3-4 hours and then hold for 3-4 hours maybe?
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Kuan is correct.  Cook on lower portion of oven. No Pan .Only question left is what is raw weight of loin?
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I'd have to agree that Kuan is correct for one school of thought. There are a couple ones out there and I have experiece in probably 4 of them  My traditional and most favored method was to liberally season and sear on the Char-grill for a touch of extra flavor and then use the same formula as I did for roast beef or Prime Rib. That was 10 minutes per Lb at 225 and hold at 115 for the remainder of the time before service. That was typically 6 hours. Rare was the goal and dead on 99% of the time that is unless the dam timer broke on the oven. This was used with as many as 6 loins in a Sham

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