Street Food

Joined May 22, 2010
Has anyone here ever ventured into the street food market? Carts, trucks,etc.

I'd like to hear your stories if you have... startup costs, headaches, that sort of thing.
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Closest I've come to it was when I worked at the cafe.  Once a year in the fall the street we were on would shut down for the street festival and we'd rent a bbq and sell hot dogs and sausages with a side of either coleslaw, potato or pasta salads.  All salads were made from scratch and we sold out every time.

I learned to par cook the sausages as they took forever on the grill and as a bonus people could smell them cooking so they stopped by for a bite to eat. 

One thing though.. on a colder fall day do not use your bbq as a means of keeping warm.. you will find that the propane supply is limited and yes it does run out.  (and yeah I learned that one through personal experience) 
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