Street Food

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Welcome Mario, In most countries street food is real big for the working class people. Great local, cultural food can be found in all parts of Asia, Mexico, South & North America. I don't remember having any street food in Italy, or any being offered on the street. I did see most of the local foods/vegetables offered at the local markets in the Piazza's. I travel to Mexico a lot, and love eating at the street carts, I find some of the more authentic tasting foods while rubbing elbows with the locals.

  My question is, why do you think there isn't many street foods in Italy, and what are some of your favorite street foods in the USA and around the world........................take care.......Chef Bill
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In Italy, street food is found not in carts on the street as you would see in New York or Mexico, but in the small restaurants and shops in town. Italians like to take their time to eat, and street carts largely service peoples who are on the run to eat. Italians can’t fathom people eating and walking.
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