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Gosh, where have I been? :eek: I didn't realize we had a forum on herbs!! I started a garden for the first time this year and it's going great. The latest rains have really helped. I planted some strawberry plants thinking I would be able to just go outside a pick them whenever I needed them but unfortunately they didn't yield many all summer. I have 6 plants in a 4' corner space and I have been snipping the creepers to keep them from crawling all over the place. After the rain, I noticed the creepers are everywhere. I'm inclined to snip them again to keep them contained but I'm not sure what I'm doing. Do these creepers behave the same as mint? Will I see more berries before the frost comes? And, then what do I do then with the plants? Thanks so much for your help.
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Hmmm strawberries,

I didn't plant any this year as momoreg bought the whole lot from the nursry ;)

Get rid of excess runners as they develope,try to pinch them as close to the parent plant as you can making sure not to hurt the folige.

Also strawberries like a sunny location and a slighty acid soil, they don't do well in alkiline soil.

Another thing I learned years ago is to not plant your strawberries after potatoes because the ground may be infected with verticullem (sp?)wilt.

You can split your crop for a second growth of berries,split them from your first growth,but plant them in a less sunny spot.

I hope this helps a little
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CC- In retrospect, you should have bought them, because I had no clue what I was doing!! What a waste of good strawberry plants!
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Thanks CC, I've got my clippers in-hand. I had my soil prepared for me early in the spring but I never had it tested for acidity. I'll take some in to my gardening shop and find out.

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