strategy for selecting a type of rice for horchata?

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    I'm developing a Horchata recipe.  I have brown rice, white rice(enriched and non-enriched), and jasmin rice.  So with four types of rice I want to narrow it down to one.  Does anyone have a method for figuring out which one would be best?  do I just make 4 small batches exactly the same way and repeate the process a few times?  I'm looking for a slightly chalky flavorfull candidate.
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    Taste tests do work in helping make these kind of decisions. But they work within the scope of the recipe design as well. A different recipe with different ratios often brings out other flavors and textures that might work better with a different rice.

    Where you want some chalk,you should also try medium and short grain rices which have more starch than long grain.

    In congee, i find I like a 50/50 mix of Basmati and a chinese sweet or glutinous short grain. I get the extra starch from the short grain and I get the perfume of the basmati. I should try a 66 Basmati and 33 short grain one of these days to see how I like that.